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Learn the secrets to selecting the BEST DECK MATERIAL for your deck, your climate and your budget. Avoid common mistakes and save thousands of dollars in maintenance and future repairs….

Discover what you REALLY NEED TO KNOW about deck materials to ensure that every trip out onto your deck will be a pleasure trip, not a work trip.…

Dear Homeowner:

Congratulations! You’ve taken the leap and decided to build a new deck! Now you have to choose a deck material. You want your deck to look great for a long time and you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning it or maintaining it. Right?

You’ve probably already asked: “so what’s the best deck material?” or “what are the best composite deck materials”? There’s so much confusing information out there. How do you know the information you get is accurate and reliable?

It’s the first question everyone will ask you. “What material will you use?” Like it or not, this is one of the most important (and potentially stressful) steps in building your new deck.

You have to do a thorough comparison of deck materials so you can choose a deck material that’s right for you.

I can help you!

My name is Brian Ulrich and I’m a mechanical engineer with an aerospace background and training in materials and design. In aerospace, materials are important, and I bet you’ve already found that innovative materials are now presenting wild new possibilities in deck design as well.

When I started designing my own new deck I faced the same challenge that you face right now; how to choose a deck material. I know what you’re up against!

I’m also a perfectionist who’s been “building things to last” for most of my life, so I just HAD to do a professional engineering evaluation of all the deck materials I could possibly find, so I could choose the ultimate material…

…”The way you build things Brian, we could have World War III and your deck would still be standing”… Graham Parkes – National Research Council .

Would you like to know how I can help you?.....

You know it will be a challenge to choose a deck material with all the options out there. By now you’ve probably already collected some information, some of it technical, a lot of it marketing hype, and almost all of it very confusing!

It seems EVERY manufacturer claims they sell the best deck material!…

How DO you choose a deck material?

You want to make all the right decisions and build the best deck you can, but you really don’t want to spend weeks just trying to figure out what’s the best deck material to use. Right?

You don’t want to make the same mistake as people who tried some new deck material and hate it so much they’re ready to rip it all off and start over.

I’m sure you know about wood and composites, but do you know about all the others? There are some excellent materials used in totally different markets that are great for decks.

You need some way to find out what they all are and objectively answer the question “how does each deck material compare with all the others?”

...Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid all the hassle and have this deck material comparison already done for you?

All the work to compare deck materials and help you choose a deck material HAS already been done for you!

I spent literally WEEKS doing all the research to compare deck materials and devise a methodical way to choose a deck material for my own deck. Then I got thinking; there are thousands of decks built all over the world every year.

And, every single time, someone has to go through the hassle of choosing a deck material.

That’s when it occurred to me that it would be a real waste for all the deck material comparison information I developed to just sit on the shelf. So I’ve decided to make this valuable information and tools available to you.

What homeowners like you really need is a comprehensive and unbiased source of information on deck materials with all the insider secrets and data that isn’t available anywhere else.

You need a guide that:….

  • Is a reference that will allow you to slash weeks off the time it will take you to plan your new deck.

  • Gives the most COMPLETE (and surprising) listing of all the categories and individual deck materials available for you to choose from - with many you probably never even knew about!

  • Teaches you all the factors you need to consider when it comes to choosing a deck material - especially what';s right for your deck and your climate.

  • Provides an authoritative discussion about all the properties of deck materials that are important and why they need to be part of your deck material comparison.

  • Provides UNBIASED and OBJECTIVE information to free you from having to rely on marketing hype and questionable vendor claims to make your decision.

  • Will educate you about what 'maintenance free' really means and all about the myths that vendors would like you to believe.

  • Shows field data and customer feedback that reveals how well products are standing up over time and how satisfied the customers really are.

  • Helps you understand the relative costs of the different deck materials - so you don't blow your budget unnecessarily!

  • Coaches you through a methodical step by step procedure for choosing the best deck material ' so you won't miss those important details!

  • Gives tips on buying materials and how to save money in the process.

With all that intelligence, you won’t ever wonder if you’ve made the right decision or ask yourself “are my deck materials the best”? You’ll KNOW you have the best!!

Let me tell you about the Ultimate Deck Material Guide©”….

Discover the most comprehensive listing and comparison of available deck materials found anywhere!

There are so many materials available for decks these days that just finding a complete list is a huge task in itself! It can take at least a week or two; searching evenings on the internet and visiting stores, home centers, and lumber yards just to identify them all!

And after all that you may still not have a good idea of all the materials really available to you….

All this work has already been done for you!

  • You will save hours and hours of time because you won’t have to do all the research required to do a proper material comparison.

  • All the information you need is found in ONE place.

  • Learn about deck materials you never knew about or ever even considered!

  • Maximize your chances of selecting the absolute best material.

Imagine all the hassle and time you’ll save not having to visit stores, home centers, libraries, the internet, reference sites etc.

Nowhere else can you find all this information and so much more in one single place!

  • Learn that there are at least NINE different categories of materials that you can use for your deck? Wood, composites, and vinyl are only THREE of those categories!

Imagine how many choices you could be missing out on if you don’t know about the other categories; …..especially if one of those other materials is really the best for your needs.

If the best material for your particular deck is not on your list you have no chance of selecting it! You’ll be stuck with second best or worse. Don’t let that happen to you!.....
Learn about ALL the materials available to you!

The Ultimate Deck Material Guide© EDUCATES you! Learn 'Deck Materials 101' and discover ALL the design factors and properties of deck materials that are important and which ones are critical in YOUR situation.

Do you REALLY know what’s important when it comes to deck materials? You’ll be surprised when you read the Ultimate Deck Material Guide ©!

You’ll learn that what’s important is highly dependent on your specific situation….

  • Did you know that even leaves can ruin your deck? Learn all the factors you NEED to consider when selecting deck materials. Your deck design…your climate…your intended use… Do you know what’s really important? - It’s not always obvious!

  • Explore all kinds of material ‘performance parameters’ that probably never occurred to you as relevant in choosing a deck material!

  • Discover that one size does NOT fit all. The “best deck material” is a relative thing and you’ll learn how to focus in on exactly what’s best for YOUR situation.

  • Relax and learn what’s important about deck materials, in the comfort of your home at your own pace. Study up on the terminology, the trends and the pitfalls of deck materials BEFORE you involve the contractors and suppliers.

  • Gain the respect of contractors and vendors by knowing your stuff!

  • Enjoy peace of mind that you really know what you’re doing.

  • Understand all the technical stuff even if you’re not technical.

Nothing builds respect faster than knowing what you’re talking about. With the Ultimate Deck Material Guide© you WILL know your stuff!

Don’t worry if you don’t understand all the technical jargon and buzz words you see in ads and home centers. I’ve translated all the technical and engineering terminology into plain English so you can understand it!

I promise that you won’t be intimidated by the information and language you’ll find inside!

See how much EASIER it is to choose a deck material when all the information you use is unbiased and objective. Skip all the sales hype!

Choosing which material to use for your deck is difficult and time consuming because there is so much information out there and it’s not clear what’s accurate and what’s not.

Face it, today there is much more marketing being done to promote various deck materials than ever before, especially for man-made or ‘composite’ materials.

Why? Because companies have invested a lot of money in developing their “ultimate” solution for decks, they market their products heavily to ensure returns on their investment.

Unfortunately, vendors often make bold claims about their materials. Some of them may be accurate, but if you talk with anyone who’s not happy with their new deck it becomes obvious that many claims are far from it.

  • Get the REAL story about each material – not the vendor’s story.

  • Discover how each type of material really performs and learn which vendor information is accurate and which you should be wary of…

  • Information in the Guide has been carefully compiled to be free from any vendor bias. It comes from independent tests, research and customer experiences…

I have nothing to gain by recommending any particular deck material - except you as a happy customer!

  • AVOID THE SALES PRESSURE! Review each material at your own leisure without having to listen to the sales pitch……

  • Make a thoroughly INFORMED decision on your deck materials

  • Eliminate the stress of choosing a material – you have the best data

  • Learn the insider secrets so you can talk to vendors with total confidence

  • No vendor will ever be able to ‘pull the wool over your eyes’. You will be so unusually well informed that contractors and vendors will respect you immediately when you talk with them.

Deck material vendors are not all out to intentionally deceive us. Some vendors are excellent and provide very representative information about their materials. Others simply don’t have a long enough track record for their new materials to support their claims……. You just have to know which is which.

I’ve done all the research to separate fact from hype, and now you can take advantage of it for a small fraction of the cost and effort it took me.

Learn what’s MYTH and what’s FACT when it comes to deck maintenance - the Ultimate Deck Material Guide© features an in-depth discussion on maintenance and deck materials

“No Maintenance” is the buzz phrase these days when it comes to deck materials. We all want a deck that requires as little work as possible to keep looking nice!

Is there REALLY such a thing as a zero maintenance deck?

  • Discover what ‘maintenance free’ really means….The Ultimate Deck Material Guide© will teach you what “low maintenance” or “no maintenance” actually means based on your specific situation and climate.

  • Learn why a material may be “no maintenance” in some climates but not in others. You need to know the difference!

  • Understand what you should reasonably expect for deck maintenance – Know how much work you’re signing up for and don’t be lured into unrealistic expectations and then have your dreams shattered.

  • Find the material that will absolutely minimize your deck maintenance.

Learn to be savvy when it comes to maintenance talk!

The Ultimate Deck Material Guide© will allow you to understand the subtleties of deck maintenance for your deck design and your climate.

With this expert knowledge and the tools in the Guide you will be able to zero in on the best deck material that will require the absolute minimum level of maintenance effort for your deck!

The Guide is PACKED with pictures and diagrams for clarity! See what materials look like and what test results mean, all from the comfort of your chair!

When you shop for items in a store, you can see what they look like. Since the appearance of your deck is really important, you really need to know what all the candidate materials look like....

But do you really look forward to all that running around to see them?

  • Review materials in your own home and reduce the hassle of visiting stores and home centers.

  • Save time! – with all the pictures you’ll be able to quickly scan the field, eliminate many materials you wouldn’t want, and focus in on those that will be of interest to you.

  • No mysteries! – actually see how lab tests are performed and quickly understand how they apply.

  • All the pictures make the selection process so much faster and easier (a picture really is worth a thousand words!)

The Ultimate Deck Material Guide © is packed with pictures that give you a good idea what the materials look like….

I had to go to the stores and home centers to really see what most materials looked and felt like. All the pictures in the Guide will save you most of that trouble….

Once you zero in on the material that is best for your deck, you will, of course, have to go and actually handle the material to understand how it feels in addition to how it looks. But won’t you be glad that you only have to do that once or twice instead of a dozen times?

Again, I promise that you won’t be intimidated by any complex technical information. That’s why the Ultimate Deck Material Guide © has lots of diagrams that explain how lab tests work and what the results mean.

Review the comparisons, the field data and Customer feedback yourself! It’s all in the guide to help you understand the material ratings.

The BEST way to evaluate any material is to look at all the data: technical data (specifications), lab test data if it’s available, and field data (customer experience). It’s also the best way to verify marketing claims or prove them false….

  • Data in the Guide is quantitative (measured) not subjective (hype) - With the Ultimate Deck Material Guide © you will be basing your material choice on solid reliable information.

  • Easily and quickly compare materials! With all the data side by side, you can instantly pick out important limitations that could go unnoticed.

  • This data is so useful builders will refer to it over and over.

  • No guessing how deck materials compare! - The data tells it all.

  • Save tons of time! It takes a great deal of time and effort to compile test data and collect useful experience and feedback from the field. Avoid spending hours and hours doing the research!

Chapter 5 of the Guide, “The data – How the materials stack up” contains ELEVEN different property categories that you need to know about! (And you thought rot resistance was all that’s important!)

You need to see how deck materials compare in areas like….

Mechanical strength:

wood is stronger than composites

UV resistance:

some composites fade faster than wood

Dimensional stability:

composites don’t warp like wood does


A wood called ‘Ipe’ is difficult to cut whereas composites are easy to shape and fasten

If you are a builder, the Guide will be a valuable tool when advising your customers, especially when they’ve not spent the time to inform themselves about deck materials. You’ll want to keep your copy handy whenever you have to quote a job.

Time and experience provide the absolute best data. That’s why it’s usually very expensive. But with the Ultimate Deck Material Guide ©, you can avoid all that effort.

The Ultimate Deck Material Guide© teaches you a structured and methodical selection process so you won’t miss a single detail. You’ll learn how to personalize this step-by-step method for YOUR deck situation.

Doing anything well requires a process or ‘recipe’ that calls for the right ingredients in the right order. Choosing the best deck material also requires a systematic approach.

You want to choose the best deck material for YOUR deck and YOUR climate, not for some ‘generic’ deck in an ‘undefined’ climate.

  • The Ultimate Deck Material Guide © gives you a selection process that is tailored SPECIFICALLY TO YOUR NEEDS – not some ‘generic’ situation. Learn to capture all the information that’s relevant for your deck scenario and use it in a structured process to choose the best material.

  • This guide coaches you to ask all the right questions about your deck.

  • You will be led step by step through a sequence of tasks to make the best decisions about your materials.

  • Never miss important details when selecting your deck material.

Do you know everything that is relevant in choosing the best deck material? If you do, then do you know how each aspect must be tailored for your own situation?

Choosing the best deck material PROPERLY has never been so easy. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and follow the instructions step by step.

With all the data and information that you will find throughout the guide, you will be able to understand exactly the reasoning behind each step!

All the right tasks are spelled out in the correct order so you won’t miss a thing!

COMPARE DECK MATERIAL COSTS: Understand the relative material costs and the fully installed costs. Learn buying tips to help you stay within your budget!

Learn to factor everything into your deck material cost estimate.

  • Find out the relative costs of deck materials and how they rank – see which materials require a big budget and which ones don’t.

  • Discover all the things that you really need to consider when calculating the cost of any material for your deck (hint: it’s NOT just cost per square foot times the area of your deck!)

  • Learn helpful buying tips and secrets that the contractors never tell you! Avoid those nasty last minute surprise charges that can blow your budget!

Make sure you understand all the factors that go into the cost of your deck materials and be sure you bring it in ON BUDGET!

Select the best material for your deck the way an engineer would! The Ultimate Deck Material Guide © is written by a professional engineer who used this information for his own deck project.

The information compiled in the Ultimate Deck Material Guide© is all compiled from an engineering problem-solving perspective, not a marketing perspective. It draws on engineering principles and it’s designed to do only one thing – help you choose the best deck material.

  • You can be confident that this information is reliable – it’s from a professional.

  • The author compiled this information for his own project – This is not rhetoric from some armchair expert.

You’re probably asking “How do I know this Guide has reliable information?” Obviously you won’t know for sure until you receive it and use it.

That’s why you’ll be shocked when you see the guarantee I offer with this the Ultimate Deck Material Guide©…. Read on!

I did all this research and developed these deck material selection tools for my own deck project (I’m a perfectionist and my wife hates it!). What’s more, I know that your deck will be very different from my deck so the process is designed to take that into consideration!

This is the best investment you’ll make in your deck!

People spend anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000 for a new deck. That’s a major investment. With a good choice of materials, they may be able to limit maintenance to about one day every 6 months – cleaning mostly. But….

With a poor choice of materials they may spend up to a day a month or more cleaning, repairing, refinishing, or in the worst case, rebuilding in 10 years or less.

Would you spend the equivalent of one or two month’s TV cable or internet service fees to save hours and hours of research time and know that your deck will remain a beautiful showpiece for many years to come?

Would you pay a fraction of your monthly cell phone bill in exchange for information that can ensure that you won’t have to refinish your deck every 2 years? I bet you would!

Companies pay thousands of dollars for information of this caliber.

The Ultimate Deck Material Guide© with all its data and recommendations is the result of hundreds of hours of research. I’m offering this guide to you for a tiny fraction of that price because:

  1. you are probably not a big company with deep pockets, and
  2. I want you to look back when you’re really enjoying your deck and say “that guide was worth it’s weight in gold!”, and
  3. if it helped you a great deal, I’m hoping you will tell others about it.

Claim your copy now for only US$47.00 and you will obtain information you cannot get anywhere else without all the hard work I’ve gone through to get it – that’s only 13 cents a day for the next year!! (and your deck will last for MANY years).

What a fantastic price for the knowledge that will save you thousands of dollars!

You’ll be hard pressed to find an investment that provides that much return on your money. Ask a professional what it cost to learn everything he or she knows about deck materials (which probably isn’t as much as you’ll get in this great guide), and you’ll be amazed at what a great value this is.


I know you’ll agree that the Ultimate Deck Material Guide© is a fantastic value at this price, but I want to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that there’s no doubt in your mind. I’m going to offer you a BONUS report that will help you even more in your new deck project!

If you order the Ultimate Deck Material Guide© in the next 8 days I will also include a special mini guide on techniques for attaching deck railings. This is actually a sneak preview of another project I’m working on and I’m willing to share parts of it with you FREE with the Ultimate Deck Material Guide© if you order now!

That’s an additional $30 value FREE if you act quickly!

You won’t be receiving just one ‘coach’ to help you design your deck, but TWO!! One for materials selection and one to give you tips on designing railings!

Incredible Satisfaction Guarantee – you won’t risk a penny!

I did all this research for my own project, but I assembled it into this Guide so you can refer to it over and over. I know you’ll never look at it again if it doesn’t provide the answers to your questions or help you in some way. I’m confident that you WILL want to keep this valuable reference close at hand.

I also know that it often takes several months to plan and build a deck, especially if you do everything yourself, so you will need time to actually use what you’ll learn from the guide.

That’s why I’m offering a FULL 6 MONTHS satisfaction guarantee! You don’t have to rush through the guide and try to digest all the information in a hurry. Use it at the same pace you design and build your deck. See how it makes your job easier. See how much money and hassle it saves you.

Most of all, see how you keep referring to it again and again. You’ll never even consider returning it!

Don’t miss this limited time offer!! - Buy your own copy today!

To take advantage of this special offer and get your FREE deck railing mini guide together with your own Ultimate Deck Material Guide© you’ll have to act quickly! Only the first 100 orders received in the next 8 days will get this valuable bonus guide.

I don’t normally give sneak previews of my work in progress, especially when the finished product will be another valuable reference when it’s complete. But I recognize, however that it would be great to get some advance feedback so I’m offering this limited time bonus in the hopes that you’ll use it and tell me what you think.

Click the “BUY NOW’ button below to receive your own Ultimate Deck Material Guide© and make sure I reserve a FREE copy of the mini guide to be included in your package.

I’m confident you’ll thank me when you’re sitting on your beautiful new deck made of materials I helped you select, because you know your deck will remain looking great for a very long time!

Sincerely ,
Brian Ulrich
Deck Material Guide.com

P.S. Don’t forget all the time you’re going to save with all the research packed into the Ultimate Deck Material Guide©, knowing you’ve chosen the absolute best material for your deck. You’ll be able to spend that time on the golf course or playing with your kids instead of hunched over your computer or driving all over town doing the research yourself!

P.S.S Also remember to share this information with your wife or your husband so they will know that your deck material selection will minimize the amount of work required to maintain your deck so you’ll BOTH have more time to enjoy it. He or she may even buy this report for you!!


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